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The Importance of Having Regular Eye Exams

The Importance of Having Regular Eye Exams

How great are your eyes? We all take them for granted don’t we? Well, maybe it might have not crossed your mind a lot, but actually regular eye exams are essential for your health. By having your eyes checked regularly you will be ensured that your vision remains well throughout your whole life. But, when should you begin having regular eye exams and how frequently should you visit the eye doctor? In this article you can find out more about how often people of different group ages should have their eye exams by eye doctors done.

  • Infants and Children under the age of 18

For babies it is best that they have their first eye exam when they reach 6 months of age, unless their paediatrician recommends that it is done sooner. From there on, your eye doctor would tell you when to further visit. For non-risk children, the next time that they should see an optometrist is usually when they reach three years of age. If your child is considered to be at risk of some vision issues, your visits to the optometrist will be much more frequent.

Children which are considered to be at risk of any vision issues are usually ones that have been born prematurely, with a low birth rate, have a family history of some illnesses, or if their mother has suffered from some particular forms of infections while she was pregnant.

After they pass the age of three, children who are risk-free should start having regular eye exams by eye doctors done before they begin going to school, and usually the most appropriate is to have an eye exam every couple of years, unless the doctor recommends otherwise.

  • Adults between ages 18 and 60

Adults who are between the ages of 18 and 60, and are considered to be completely risk-free from any vision problems should have eye exams every couple of years or so. However, if you are wearing contact lens or glasses, it is recommended that you visit your doctor every year in order to renew your prescription and have your vision screened for any changes.

People who are generally considered to be at risk include people who are suffering from illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, or people who have a family history of any kind of eye diseases. In addition, people who have recently been through an eye surgery and ones that take drugs (regardless if by prescription or non-prescription) with potential side effects for the eyes can also be considered to be part of the group of people at risk.

You need to always follow the recommendations of your eye doctor, even if they say that you have to visit them more frequently than before. If your doctors feels that you might somehow be at risk of suffering from any sort of eye issues, they will usually ask you to visit them on a more regular basis than once every couple of years. If it happens that your doctor recommends you to visit them more often, feel free to ask them what they are concerned about. However, in the end make sure that you follow their advice because they are professionals and will be of great help in preserving your eyes’ health.

  • Adults over the age of 60

Once you reach or pass the age of 60, you have to start visiting your optometrist at least once every year. As we age more and more, our eyes become more vulnerable to different ocular diseases, and our vision can rapidly deteriorate without being supervised by a professional. According to some researches more than one half of the American citizens over the age of 65 have some degree of cataracts clouding to their ocular lens, and finding this as early as you can means that you won’t suffer from vision loss due to your cataracts. In addition, other diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration become more common as we get older, and also require early detection in order to prevent complete loss of vision.

As you can see, having eye exams by eye doctors is something that you should do your whole life. Making sure that your child has healthy and strong eyes means that they will have a much easier and happier life, and once they grow up they will have the habit of visiting optometrists on a regular basis.

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