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Cataracts are a common eye condition for aging patients; however, these clouded areas over the eye are very treatable. Surgeries to treat cataracts are one of the most safe and effective eye surgeries performed. Trust our specialists to provide you with the best care in correcting cataracts.

Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Our comprehensive ophthalmologists meet a range of eye care needs, including routine exams, injury, unexpected vision changes, glasses or contact lenses, and treatment for the majority of visual conditions and diseases. If your initial evaluation determines a condition that requires a subspecialist, we will refer you for advanced care with one of our many top-tier specialists at the Moran Eye Center.

Cornea & External Eye Disease

The cornea is essential to vision. It retracts and focuses light entry, acts as a filter screening out damaging ultraviolet rays, and helps shield the rest of the eye from harmful matter. Corneal disease, injury, and genetic or physiological problems can greatly influence eyesight. At the Moran Eye Center we provide the most advanced medical and surgical treatment options for diseases of the cornea and external eye.


Electrophysiology is a technique used to diagnose and monitor eye disorders by tracking electrical nerve responses in the eye. Computer technology helps the specialist keep track of the changes in these signals. The electrophysiologists at Moran Eye Center are not just leading experts in this technique but also train specialists internationally in electrophysiology.

Emergency Eye Care (Triage)

In case of eye trauma, you need immediate and specialized treatment to protect your vision. We provide urgent care for chemical injuries, objects in the eye, ruptured globes, retinal detachments, infections, and other eye traumas. Do not hesitate to get the best emergency care for your eyes.

Glasses & Contacts

Whether you need to schedule an eye exam or need new glasses or contacts, our specialists can help you. Find expert evaluations and fittings customized to your needs. We have locations throughout the Wasatch Front at University of Utah Health clinics and the John A. Moran Eye Center.


The Moran Eye Center provides specialized diagnostic, medical, and surgical care for glaucoma. Moran Eye Center surgeons, specialists, and researchers are leaders in the field of eye care and are actively involved in research to improve glaucoma surgical procedures.

LASIK & Vision Correction Surgery

Nearsighted and farsighted vision problems can be completely restored by a surgical procedure called LASIK. The LASIK procedure reshapes the midcornea of the eye to reduce the patient’s need for glasses or contacts. Moran Eye Center specialists provide expert care and experience in performing these procedures.

Neuro Ophthalmology

Neuro ophthalmology involves both neurology and ophthalmology specialties and concerns visual impairments that are associated with or originate from the nervous system. At the Moran Eye Center we are equipped to diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological and visual disorders.

Oculoplastic & Facial Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures that are performed around the eye are referred to as oculoplastic or facial plastic surgeries. They can be performed to correct problems that are affecting the eye. These include correcting droopy eyelids, removing tumors, correcting eye trauma, treating wrinkles, and many others.

Patient Support Services

For anyone who has lost vision or is in the process of losing vision, life can seem very difficult. Our patient support services offer guidance through seminars and support groups to help our patients find their way through these challenges. We also work closely with our patients to empower them as they go through this journey.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

We recognize that caring for children is very different from caring for adult patients. Our pediatric specialists, who treat eye conditions and problems in children, take care to work with you and your child to treat eye diseases whether inherited or developed. Don’t hesitate to bring your children to our specialists for the best eye care available.

Pediatric Retina

The Pediatric Retina Center at the Moran Eye Center provides a range of services and procedures to help prevent and treat blinding retinal conditions in children and infants. Pediatric retina specialists are skilled at diagnosing and treating these conditions, and they provide ongoing care and guidance to patients and their families.

Retinal Diseases & Surgery

Retinal surgery treats disorders and conditions of the light-sensitive layers of tissue at the back of the eye, or the retina. These treatment plans or surgeries can include treatment for age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, macular edema, retinal detachments, and other conditions or disorders affecting the retina.

Strabismus in Children & Adults

Strabismus describes misaligned eyes. There are many types of misalignment including eyes that are crossed, turned outward, or cases where one eye is turned higher than the other. Strabismus can cause compromised vision in one or both eyes, making evaluation and treatment critical. Our specialists are skilled in both medical and surgical treatments for strabismus.

Uveitis & Ocular Infectious Diseases

Uveitis is a condition that occurs in the uvea, or the middle area of the eye. Because the uvea contains the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the eye, any form of uveitis may be serious and may be a symptom for other serious conditions. Ocular infections or eye infections may be caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites, or viruses, and each of these may produce various eye diseases.

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